Hexagonal Disc Diamond Dressers, Mumbai, India
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Hexagonal Disc Diamond Dressers

Hexagonal Disc Diamond Dressers



  Six small elongated whole diamonds selected with care for quality and sameness in shape are sorted into
  matched sets and set in Hexagonal Discs.
  The Hexagonal Disc can be mounted in holders, which are made to customers' specification.

  On all wheels upto the size of 12" 0.0. x 1" wide, Diamonds can be completely used up. Nothing is wasted.
  The small and constant contact area they present to the wheel has many advantages. They will condition the
  grinding wheel consistently and will produce the desired finish and grinding characteristics.
  The grinding wheel will be dressed sharper and so produce more accurate parts between each dressing.
  Since light cuts can dress a grinding wheel with great efficiency, grinding wheel wear will be reduced considerably.


Hexagonal Disc Diamond Dressers

Use Plenty Of coolant
at the start of each
dressing. Never start dry & then turn on

Hexagonal Disc Diamond Dressers
Best result are obtained
with 0.001" cuts for rough dressing
and 0.0005" for finishing
Regulate the traverse for finish required. A fast traverse will open wheels and produce a coarse finish. A slow traverse produces a finer finish Hexagonal Disc Diamond Dressers
Traverse rate may be
too fast & produce a thread
on the wheel if the feed
width exceeds the width of the diamond contact area.
Traverse is too slow if it advances the diamond only a fraction of the width of contact area per revolution.
Hexagonal Disc Diamond Dressers
Use plenty of coolant
Therefore, regulate the traverse in relation to the
size of the diamond used in disc. Use a faster traverse
for larger stones, a slow
traverse for smaller stones.
Tighten set
screws securely
Mount the disc parallel
to the direction of the
grinding wheel, never
at 900
Hexagonal Disc Diamond Dressers

Point the diamond slightly above or past the centre line of grinding wheel. A 5 to 10 drag angle is preferred.

Hexagonal Disc Diamond Dressers



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